Our Mission

Simplicity, Accountability, Lifelong Learning, Data Privacy, Connectivity and Scalability are at the core of our ethos.

We aim to...

– Drive engagement from simpler, engaging platforms that work anytime, on any device.
– Drive engagement from simpler, exception-based communication from faculty to students.
– Lift educational outcomes from true collaborative online workspaces.
– Speed of marking, more time for educators to spend with students.
– Accuracy of marking, means better more robust educational signals to students -even real time.
– Lift Student satisfaction from anywhere anytime collaboration.
– Build long term data to identify “at risk” students for extra care and attention rather than lose them.


Remote Learning
We want the teaching and learning experience to be enriched, through the use of our tools – making collaborating more intuitive and analytics driven.
Life-long Learning
A market move to life-long learning, each student has a life-long value and no system caters to the institution or student need here.
Developing Countries
Partnering with donor agencies and foundations to roll out Reelae in developing countries so that communities in rural areas can access educational resources online.