Our Mission

Our belief is that all learning should be made simple. We believe that the simpler we make our tools, the more time we save educators, giving them more time to build happier, more productive learning experiences.

Reelae was built to be scaleable. It is designed to help learning at any age and provides educators with an easier and more meaningful experience with their students. The simplicity of the tool means it can be used whether you are in a suburb in a big city or in a remote village of Papua New Guinea.

Beyond the technology, Reelae will seek to partner with businesses to sponsor educational support for rural or impoverished communities to aid learning, through its ‘Heart to give’ community outreach program. Reelae’s founder and CEO, Samson Korawali, has committed 5% of all the company’s profits to be ring-fenced for direct community programs.



We want to deliver an enriched teaching and learning experience and make collaboration more efficient, intuitive and analytics-driven.

We want our tools to accommodate every stage of teaching and learning needs – from primary school, high school, tutoring, right through to tertiary education and beyond.

We want to partner with donor agencies and foundations to roll out Reelae in developing countries so that communities in rural areas can access educational resources online. ​