Why you need online teaching apps in your classroom right now

Why you need online teaching apps in your classroom right now

In recent years, technology has changed what we expect from education.

Social distancing, in particular, has probably forced you to reconsider your teaching methods because we are no longer in the traditional, four-walled classroom. The internet is now our classroom, and with that, new methods of teaching are necessary. 

Some of these new methods include new technology, which is where online teaching apps or online learning apps come in. In the absence of these, it’s difficult to add value to your students or help them achieve their potential. 

Today, teaching apps are part of a growing ecosystem of online education that presents learning material in a new, engaging way. 

Teaching apps make learning more engaging

Online learning apps make learning and teaching more engaging. For most students, learning arithmetic and grammar can be boring. For others, the monotonous nature of the teaching process can get dull. 

When executed in line with thoughtful learning strategies, online teaching apps make the learning process fun and dynamic. Some apps even gamify certain concepts, making lessons much easier to pick up and learn—even across a distance.

These apps also make all kinds of teaching and learning exercises easier to pull off. Need to have a video chat with a student? Want to set a quiz? Want to oversee forum chats between students?

It’s all possible on the right platform. Online teaching apps also help you mark and distribute assignments in one virtual space.

Learning apps can streamline non-teaching processes

How many hours do you currently spend doing admin work? Chances are, a lot. 

Marking papers and attendance, alone, takes plenty of time. There probably has been at least one instance when you’ve thought, “There are better things I can do with my time”. 

The good news is that teaching apps come with analytics and AI that help you automate those routine tasks. You can spend your time and energy more effectively and really focus on making the e-learning experience better for your students.

Using apps can boost academic performance

When it comes to online teaching apps, you probably worry about how effective your teaching will be. It’s also common to worry about how this medium affects your students’ learning outcomes. 

Fortunately, learning apps can improve academic performance by a significant margin. This is particularly the case for elementary and middle-school students. One study conducted by a professor at the University of Southern California even found that fifth graders’ test scores improved by over 15 per cent, compared to students who didn’t use a learning app. 

Apps support different learning styles

We’ve talked about how different students learn in different ways before, and it’s a significant point to consider even in this discussion. 

Some students are visual learners while others are auditory learners. Others learn slowly while some students can pick up educational material quickly. The best part about online learning apps is that these support individualised learning for all your students, without increasing your workload. 

Apps grant access to online resources

Imagine setting a quiz or an assignment and sending it to your students. Ever thought about creating resources and sharing these with your students in one go? 

Online learning apps provide access to online resources, which can make your life easier. 

Rather than sending an email, which your students may or may not see, for example, you can upload the document straight onto your app. Not only does it make it so much easier to distribute, but you can also rest assured that your students will see and use these resources.

Teaching apps = less paper wastage

Shifting to a digital medium can also reduce the amount of paper you use on a daily basis. 

Not only is this great for the environment, but it’s great for you, as well. Even in the absence of global crises like COVID-19, imagine collecting papers from students and grading them? Losing them because you can’t remember where you put a few down? This sounds almost laughable. 

Today, online learning apps eliminate these problems completely. All student papers, assignments and other material are in one place that’s accessible wherever you are.

Make your students’ futures brighter with the right teaching tools

As digital learning becomes the norm, online teaching apps are going to play a crucial role in the future of education and the next generation. 

Education apps add a ton of value to teaching because they can streamline the teaching process by automating repetitive tasks while creating a dynamic, engaging environment for online learning. The right learning app can improve the academic performance of your students while reducing your workload.



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