Why Reelae?

At Reelae we believe that the next generation of online learning should be simple, collaborative and fair.

But, we know first-hand, that current online learning environments can be complex, clunky and tricky to navigate. Reelae was created to solve these challenges.  

Our software was designed and built by people who genuinely love learning and want the experience to be easy and fair. We are passionate about releasing learners and educators from administration – because the simpler we make it, the more time you get to spend on delivering happier, more productive learning experiences. 

Finally, an online learning tool that is beautiful and simple in design, with everything learners and teachers are looking for. 

Key Features


Most frequent questions and answers

Here at Reelae, we are passionate about easing the administrative and management burdens of an institution to ensure that the student experience is optimised. We strive to provide an easy-to-use, seamless experience with our all-in-one online learning platform.

With Reelae’s all-in-one online learning platform, you can effectively manage attendance, registration and interactive online content to easily track student progress. It takes the stress out of the equation, leaving you free to concentrate on what’s important.

Reelae is the product of tech entrepreneurs, business and IT professionals who believe that quality education should be accessible to all. This all-in-one online learning platform is simple to set up and is accessible anywhere at any time and on any device. The interactive platform holds a vast library of resources and utilises real-time analytics to simplify education management.