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The Reelae virtual learning platform can help you streamline teaching

Need help connecting with your students?

Are you having trouble connecting with your students during this time? As distance learning becomes the norm, you want to do everything in your power to make sure your students are not falling behind and that they remain focused on their work. But, how do you balance your duties with marking papers, taking attendance, and other duties? Reelae offers a solution!

Reelae keeps you connected

Reelae is a versatile, online teaching platform powered by Microsoft technology. It makes online learning more accessible to teachers. We understand that you have a lot on your plate and the Reelae platform aims to make it easier to streamline and reduce your workload.

Streamlining teaching duties with Reelae

Reelae is an online learning platform designed to make virtual education easier. The platform comes with all the features you need, including online interactive tools. You use our platform’s interactive authoring features to:

Seamless communication

Want to set up a learning session with your students? Need to chat with someone? Reelae comes with all the features you need to communicate with others. Whether it is a virtual meeting with a student or a quick chat with a peer, Reelae has all the tools to communicate on several mediums.

Automation and analytics systems

If you need to understand class performance, track attendance, or get a detailed understanding of a student’s progress, the Reelae online teaching platform comes with automation and analytics features to help you conduct your administrative tasks efficiently.

Collaborative spaces for students

Need to set up a group discussion? Want to see how your students fare in a live group assessment? Reelae is the perfect online class platform for your students to communicate in real-time. You can even track how each student is performing in these virtual spaces in real-time.

Meet the daily demands of teachers with Reelae

Easy to pick-up and learn

The Reelae online teaching platform was designed for intuition and fast learning. Grasping the platform is a simple process that doesn't take much thinking. If you have any questions, there is a rich resource of information to support you.

Streamline non-teaching work

If you are tired of time-consuming tasks, like marking attendance, the online class platform streamlines these tasks to help you complete them faster so you can spend more time teaching your students.

Accessible anywhere at anytime

The online teaching platform is accessible anywhere and at any time through your browser. Create assignments and send them to your students through your smartphone, conduct virtual meetings through your tablet, and mark assignments on your desktop.

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