Create the learning culture you want with our online education platform

Build a thriving community for students and teachers in the online education space using Reelae.

Make online learning work for you

How do you build a thriving community in the online education space? With teachers and students separated by miles, ensuring that they are getting the satisfying, collaborative learning experience you are looking for can be challenging.

Reelae is an online learning platform that allows you to create the collaborative learning space you are looking for without a significant uptick in administration time and costs.

Create a productive online education workspace

Create the collaborative workspaces you are looking for using the following features:

Centralised communication

Reelae comes with several features to foster better collaboration, like video integration, forum chats, and live feedback functionality.

Live, collaborative workspaces

Facilitate collaborative online education workspaces where students can congregate to engage in group discussion.

Infrastructure sponsored by Microsoft

We have partnered with Microsoft for ongoing software development and server infrastructure support.

Online learning has never been more accessible

The Reeale platform offers the following benefits:

Reduced admin time

Reelae's online education platform allows you to perform administrative tasks quickly and seamlessly. Add new courses and manage resources without expending a significant amount of time.

Simplified user experience

The Reelae platform offers a clean and simple interface, making it easy to complete administration tasks in quick time.


The Reelae platform is easy to pick up and use, reducing the amount of time and effort needed to learn it.


There is a lot you can do. As an administrator you can create new accounts for teachers, students, and subjects. You can also monitor overall activity on the platform to see how active it is from a single dashboard and compare it against your budget.

You can certainly keep in touch with other admins. Not only that, you can communicate with other teachers and students as well. The Reelae system allows you to communicate with not just your fellow administrators but also teachers and students. That should make communication much easier.

The Reelae dashboard comes with several analytics platforms that allow you to track and monitor progress on different KPIs. This includes overall student progress, attendance, and platform activity. Moreover, you can track student input on forum chats.

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