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Building happier, more productive online learning experiences

Reelae is the answer to getting the best collaborative work and learning outcomes from teachers, students and groups.

Welcome to Reelae!

Our goal is to make online learning a powerful and meaningful experience. Reelae is an easy-to-use, single platform for ALL your online learning needs and can be accessed anywhere, anytime – on any device. It accommodates every stage of teaching and learning needs from primary school, high school, tutoring, right through to tertiary education and beyond.

Where Reelae can be used


Reelae accommodates every learning need for young to adolescent students.

Vocational Education​

Reelae is flexible and practical for teachers and their students in different assessment scenarios.​

Higher Education​

Reelae thrives in university learning environments with analytics and group work tracking for lecturers and students.​

Corporate Training​

Businesses that carryout their internal training will find Reelae productive with meaningful features that meet the needs of corporate training.​


Reelae empowers individuals who tutor students face to face or remotely around the world.


Clean and intuitive interface design means it is easy-to-use and simple to set up.

Centralised communication

Video integration (Skype), discussion forum, chat, live feedback functionality.


Accessed anywhere, anytime - on any device, through the internet browser

Collaborative and fair

Live collaborative workspace for groups, input of each learner tracked and recorded for fairer assessments.

Reduces admin time

Set up your class, mark attendance, assign tasks and store a library of learning resources.

Microsoft Community

We have been sponsored by Microsoft and continue to utilize their services and ecosystem for growth.

Customer feedback

This pilot for Reelae is a very good platform because it will enable us to jumpstart the direction where we would like to head to. We are opportuned as this will open up avenue of where FODE should be. And that is basically not only Open, not only Distance, not only Flexible – so that we will realise our purpose to be an online school as well. Because from here it will provide us more flexibility and accessibility for our students.
Dr Mondez
FODE Deputy Principal - Port Moresby, PNG
COVID19 did not affect my HSC students and myself as much as it could have had we not had Reelae. I already had students set up using Reelae on a weekly basis before the virus came. Students were able to access material from home and also participate in video lessons. I was able to fully track student engagement, even if they have accessed a link and watch a video!
Miss Miles
High School Teacher - Newcastle, Australia
Reelae is easy to use, I can make a lot of assessments for my pupils and they can answer it very easily. But as a teacher we should find another way to make the learning fun, like posting a topic in Forum. And I really love having activity in the Forum, students enjoyed it and learned a lot. Overall I love this LMS, that is why I really recommended it to our administrator of the school.
Miss Santos
High School Teacher - Manila, Philippines
We decided to trial Reelae for delivery of the program. I was able to post tasks and learning notes in the Reelae portal, which the girls were able to access by logging in to their Reelae account to access. We will continue to use Reelae for #GirlsInICTechWeek and through Reelae the learning can also be made available online.
Ms Cholai
ICT Tutor - Auckland, NZ