Learning online made simple

Reelae is the answer to getting the best collaborative work and learning outcomes from teachers, students and groups.


  • Simple to set up and simple to use 
  • Single platform for all your online learning needs 
  • Accessed anywhere, anytime – on any device 
  • Zoom integration for easy video functionality
  • Easy-to-use intuitive interface 
  • Set up your class and mark attendance 
  • Store your library of resources 
  • Assign tasks and assignments 
  • Send emails and use chat feature to message students 
  • Better engagement through live feedback 
  • Fairer group assessments – input of each learner tracked and recorded  
  • Real-time analytics to keep learning on track
  • Proudly sponsored by Microsoft, providing Reelae with ongoing software and server infrastructure support 

Now featuring Zoom integration




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Community Outreach