Online collaborative learning made simple, easy, and accessible

Our integrated learning system can help you bring online learning to your school without breaking the bank.

Are you looking for an online collaborative learning system that allows your teachers to create dynamic, responsive lessons for your students? Looking for an online learning platform that your students and teachers can use in classes and one-on-one consultation? We understand that finding an online learning platform that your staff and students can pick up intuitively is hard. In order for your school to embrace an online learning platform, it needs to be easy to pick-up and learn.

Fortunately, one platform is all you need to encourage widespread adoption across your institution and create the collaborative lessons you want. 

Devised by former students who found current LMS systems lacking, Reelae is an integrated learning system that comes with all the features you need to conduct lessons, presented in an accessible, easy-to-read format that allows anyone of any age to pick up and learn. From young students to experienced administrators, Reelae is designed for accessibility and simplicity of use for all ages.

Create a productive online education workspace

Establish the online collaborative learning space you want with the following features:

Centralised platform for communication

Zoom integration, Skype support, forum chat, and other features can be found in one easy-to-access platform. Learn one platform and get everything you need!

Infrastructure support from Microsoft

Concerned about expensive installation costs or server capacity? Don’t be! We have partnered with Microsoft for cloud infrastructure and upgrades for simple access. Log into the Reelae platform through your web browser.

Live collaborative workspaces

Use your online collaborative learning system to access live workspaces where students and teachers come together and hold discussions, group assignments, and assessments as a group, making for true collaborative experience.

Online learning has never been more accessible

You can create a more collaborative learning experience with the following features.

Easy to pick-up and learn

The Reelae elearning platform has a simple, accessible interface, along with a detailed guide to help you, your students, and your teachers learn the ropes with minimal fuss.

Conduct collaborative lessons

Your teachers can set group assignments, host forum discussions, and have virtual classes, perfect for creating a collaborative learning environment.

Accessible on any platform and at anytime

Access the Reelae dashboard at a time and place that works for you through mobile, tablet, and desktop.


Most frequent questions and answers

Your teachers can set up a variety of assessments through the Reelae dashboard. Some of the options available are quizzes, group projects, essays, and assignments. 

Yes, your teachers can upload resources for your students to access. This would be useful if they are setting the grounds for a group assignment and need to provide extra material.

Yes, perhaps you need to talk to your fellow teachers and administrators or your teachers need to talk to several students. Either way, setting up calls with several people involved is an easy process.