How to get the most out of your elearning platform

How to get the most out of your elearning platform

The rise of digital technology has brought a paradigm shift in every industry, and the fast-changing world of education and learning tools is a testimony to this! The word e-learning was first coined back in 1998. And now, the e-learning market is now 22-years-old and is projected to be worth $325 billion by 2025.

ELearning platforms have grown significantly over the past two decades because it is one of the best resources for online education. Elearning platforms enable institutions to easily manage and update content, provide users with access to resources and interactive content to create a more effective learning experience.

But how can institutions ensure that students are actually learning from these tools, rather than just going through the motions? 

It all comes down to leveraging the services of a good elearning platform efficiently.

By utilising embedded programs that are easily and constantly accessible, elearning platforms can help organisations build a strong learning culture, increase retention numbers and achieve institutional goals. Effective elearning platform design takes into account modern learner trends and dives into the needs and habits of it’s end users. Elearning effectiveness comes from solutions that are engaging, relevant and personalised. Read on to learn some tips on how to effectively optimise your elearning platform experience.

Focus on flexibility

Elearning platforms take education out of a confined classroom and offer the flexibility of on-demand and self-paced learning. If users can access learning resources and content training whenever and however they want, they will be more likely to successfully complete their training. Accessible and flexible elearning platforms should allow users to access learning on a variety of digital platforms, including tablets and mobile devices.

Cultivate easily understandable content

The goal of any elearning platform is to not only keep users engaged while they are learning but to also keep them coming back. This is where curated content shines. The advantage of modern learning in multiple languages, modalities and delivery modes is easily integrated and delivered, so that they are able to aggregate and deliver internal and external content, which gives learners more options. Content within an elearning platform should be easily accessible.

Automating all processes 

By automating processes and keeping educational content stored centrally and distributed anywhere and anytime, an elearning platform offers efficiency benefits. From registration, attendance and even content creation, your institution needs to only concentrate on ensuring your learners get your full attention and care. 

Time spent on otherwise tedious manual labour basic documentation, analysis and grading could be done for you in a far more efficient manner.

Leveraging interactive features

Engaging learners in your online learning program is one of the keys to ensuring they learn effectively and get the most out of what they are doing. One of the most effective ways to make learners more engaged in what they are doing is to make it interactive. With interactive online learning experiences, learners have no option other than to get involved and take an active role in their learning.

Utilising reporting and analytics features

Reports and analytics are at the helm of the platform’s benefits.  A platform must be able to monitor an institution’s online training initiatives to determine if they are on target or require minor adjustments. Elearning platforms also feature analytics that allows institutions to monitor online training on an individual and group level.

With all this information, an institution will be able to revolutionise their approach towards optimisation and improvement. Data gleaned has helped in cutting down an institution’s cost, for every dollar invested in eLearning, companies make back $30 in productivity.

Are elearning platforms for you?

E-learning platforms are the future. With data visualisation, task management, and time management apps, elearning is more convenient than ever before. To get the most out of your elearning experience, it’s important to choose an advanced platform with cutting-edge features.

It’s just as important, however, to fully maximise your platform once it has been deployed. By following the tips outlined above and ensuring these features that exist in your choice of platform, you can help ensure that you are drawing maximum value from elearning software.
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