Our partnership with LiteHaus

At Reelae, we remain committed to bringing quality education to students both here in Australia and around the world, which is why we are proud to announce our partnership with LiteHaus International, a non-profit organisation dedicated to bringing education to remote parts of Australia and across the world.  

We are excited about what this new partnership has in store for both organisations as well as for students whose location often denies them the high-quality education they need to fulfil their potential.

A fruitful partnership that will benefit students

Under the terms of the partnership, we will be providing LiteHaus International free licenses to our online learning platform. The objective is to facilitate education through LiteHaus International’s Remote Learning Program. Under this program, students based in Queensland, Australia and Papua New Guinea will be able to have the quality education they previously struggled to obtain. 

While LiteHaus provides personal devices for each student, we will support the program by providing students free access to our online education platform for the remainder of 2020. Through our partnership with LiteHaus International, we hope to help bridge the gap between remote and urban areas in terms of education access and quality. 

We are very excited about what this partnership could do for students in Queensland and Papua New Guinea. We believe that online education is the key to providing children with a better future. With this partnership, we come one step closer to accomplishing our goal of providing accessible, high-quality education for students, no matter where they might be in the world.

Online education is key to facilitating this goal because the platform can provide the type of learning experience that students require. Reelae’s online education platform also focuses on collaboration and communication, allowing students in these remote areas to have a different type of learning experience while adding a new dimension to their education.

Some background information on LiteHaus International

LiteHaus International is a non-profit organisation founded in 2017 providing quality education to students living in remote areas of the world using digital technology. With projects in Pakistan and Papua New Guinea, the organisation has helped thousands of students obtain the type of education they would otherwise find impossible to get using other means.

LiteHaus International helps combat digital illiteracy by providing students with the tools they need to learn, through the Remote Learning Program, along with other projects in Papua New Guinea and Pakistan.

We are proud to be working with LiteHaus International to bring education to students who otherwise cannot obtain it, and look forward to taking part in similar projects in the future.

Working towards a brighter future

Reelae is incredibly proud of this partnership. We believe that education is the key to a better future for young people and that our education platform should be able to reach all students, no matter where in the world they might be. Our partnership with LiteHaus International allows us to help students by providing them access to online education. We look forward to helping students through future partnerships with LiteHaus International and other organisations who share our goals and values.



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