How it works

  • Reelae is a simple online learning platform that works anytime, on any device.
  • Communication is easy between teachers, students and groups with email and chat functionality. Teachers can also provide immediate feedback to keep learning on track.
  • Educational outcomes are boosted with true collaborative online workspaces.
  • Speedy marking capability gives educators more time to spend with students.
  • Word counts per student are calculated live, colour-coded by student and embedded in analytics for the teacher allowing for fairer marking in a group.
  •  Accurate marking means more robust feedback to students and available in real-time.
  • Educators can build long-term data to identify ‘at risk’ students for extra care and attention.

Video Tutorials

First Steps - Admin setup

Student Role

Easily create Teacher and Student accounts which can then be assigned to subjects.
Reelae’s analytics engine is at the heart of every click, interaction and collaborative effort. Teachers have direct access to these stats.
Create various assessment types for students to be assessed on. Teachers can mark and give feedback once assessments have been submitted.
Teachers can mark student’s attendances and rate their participation, interaction or contribution in class. The data and statistics are stored to help gauge students behaviour in class.
The Chat feature allows students to chat with other students within their class, staff within their institution or administrators who maintain the upkeep of Reelae.
Provides users with real-time analytics of data related to assessments, progress and activity on Reelae.

Users can post and interact on forums that log quantitative input and encourages collaboration between students or teachers.

Users can post and interact on forums that log quantitative input and encourages collaboration between students or teachers.

Notifications are displayed on the top bar in Reelae. Email Notifications are also sent to a users email to let them know of any new activities on Reelae.
Teachers can intuitively create daily or weekly share points to share files or links with student.
Students can work simultaneously in real-time, on a text document that is colour coded and tracks each group members input quantitatively . Teachers will be able to see each students contributions.


Most frequent questions and answers

Reelae’s all-in-one online learning platform offers a simple UI. The interactive nature of the system allows for easy communication and functionality.

Students and administrators alike can use this platform with minimal instruction.

Reelae’s online learning solution accommodates every stage of your administrative, teaching and learning. Whether you are a student, teacher or administrator, the Reelae platform can support your needs.