Create enticing learning material with the right interactive authoring tool

Use the Reelae platform to create the material you need to teach your class

Need quality interactive authoring tools?

Struggling to find quality interactive authoring tools? As you turn to online learning for your learning and teaching, you need quality authoring tools to support your students and teachers. 

Interactive authoring tools are an instrumental part of online learning and teaching. Without the appropriate tools, it is impossible for people to engage with their virtual classes.

Yet, where can you find these quality interaction tools?

Reelae offers a solution for you!

What can the Reelae platform do for you?

Reelae is an online learning platform designed to make virtual education easier. The platform comes with all the features you need, including online interactive tools. You use our platform’s interactive authoring features to:

Communicate with peers through the written word or video

Use different communication systems to choose from, like Zoom or forum chats, so that students, teachers, and administrators can interact with each other when needed.

Upload, share, and view documents on
the platform

Need to share learning material with your students? Create and upload documents, videos, and audio recordings and share them instantly with your students.

Create and access documents on both desktop and mobile devices

Choose from a desktop computer, tablet, and mobile device. Access the full functionalities of the Reeale platform, no matter the medium.

How will the Reelae platform help you?

By using the Reelae platform, you gain the following benefits:

Interact with peers through face-to-face communication

Create and share a variety of documents with students and teachers

Access interactive content on any medium at any time

Choose from a variety of interactive authoring tools


Yes, you can choose between having classes through online forums and “face-to-face” classes through Zoom and Skype.

Yes, we offer a variety of analytics systems that can help you monitor student performance and attendance

Yes, if your students are in your class then they can access learning material when it is uploaded to the system.

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