How to use video conferencing to encourage class

Encourage thinking outside the classroom

It is a known fact by teachers around the world that the best method to capture students’ attention is through interactive learning and teaching — the more interactive a lesson, the better the outcome! Modern technology brings about a truly interactive experience and allows teachers to create a more engaging and collaborative environment.

One example of such technology being used in education today is video conferencing, which is changing the way our classrooms function.

Does class participation matter?

One of the advantages of online learning is the ability for students to learn from the comfort of their homes. Online learning has been instrumental for many students and teachers during the lockdown in this regard. 

Despite the many advantages of the new learning medium, there are some concerns to be addressed – namely that of class participation. That innocuous variable that is difficult to measure precisely, it should be the aim of every teacher to improve participation and rightly so. 

Our team at Reelae has put together a comprehensive guide that can help you better understand how video conferencing can help improve class participation.
Our free eBook delves into some of the benefits of improving participation and how video conferencing can improve that goal.