How to integrate your online education software platform

You have selected the right online education software platform and are now facing the next challenge – how to effectively integrate it into your organisation?

Perhaps, you are working for a company looking to set up online training for employees or a school that needs online learning systems, either way, you are going to face similar challenges. How are you going to integrate the online learning system into your organisation? 

Integrating online learning into the process

It is one thing to select an online learning platform but it is another thing to get an organisation to use it. How many times have you seen a business invest in resources that could be useful only for it to go unused? Online learning systems can suffer the same fate, if there is no proper plan to integrate them into your organisation. 

Fortunately, forming an effective integration plan is not hard, you just need to follow these fundamentals. 

Communicate the benefits of the platform to stakeholders

Communicate, communicate, and communicate. Don’t make the mistake of installing the software platform and leaving it at that. You need to communicate its value immediately to relevant stakeholders. When integrating any new technology into your organisation, you will encounter some degree of resistance because you are changing familiar ways. 

The human brain loves familiarity. Even if logically, changing the process is an improvement, we want to stick to tried and true methods. This applies to students, teachers, and administrators. 

To overcome this initial period of resistance, you need to communicate the benefits of the online education software platform. 

Rally support from administrators and other stakeholders by demonstrating why everyone involved will benefit from using online learning platforms. This means creating effective plans for communicating these benefits, such as a demonstration or brochures explaining the benefits. 

The details are up to you but it is important to select the medium that works best for your organisation. It would be a great idea to highlight features valued by stakeholders, like videoconferencing. The initial transition period is a volatile stage and can determine the rate of adoption. To maximise the rate, you need to make the transition period as smooth as possible. 

Provide complementary learning material 

Professionals and administrators are busy people, they need to hit the ground running when it comes to using the online education software platform. The best way to make the transition as smooth as possible is to provide supporting material and training.

Training sessions can help professionals make a smooth transition, but you need to complement these training sessions with supplementary material that contains helpful information. How-to guides and step-by-step articles are perfect for explaining how to perform different operations on the LMS. 

If you are representing an organisation with a workforce spanning three different generations – boomers, millennials, and Gen Y, then you are going to need to account for low digital literacy rates. One way to work around this issue is to have supporting material to make the learning process smoother.  

Having that support can make a huge difference when it comes to overcoming that initial resistance when adopting an online education software platform. 

Account for new roles after implementing the platform

It might seem like an obvious statement but online learning can change roles in subtle ways. 

For example, where do teachers fit into the online learning ecosystem, now that students can learn at their own pace? Are they influencers guiding and mediating discussions between students or more like counselors stepping in only when students need aid? 

Likewise, administrators need to know how their specific functions work. While it can be difficult to predict how roles change, it is important to plan ahead as much as possible, doing so would be a huge help in the future. 

Integrating the ideal online education software platform

An online education software platform is a huge investment for any organisation, one that could have a transformative impact on how your organisation works. But, to make the most out of the platform, you need to find the right way to integrate the learning software into your organisation to maximise ROI. 

To get more information on online learning, visit the Reelae website. We go into more detail into how virtual learning platforms work.



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