How an online classroom app could boost student performance

How an online classroom app could boost student performance

We are now entering a new era in education. Experts estimate that the worldwide e-learning market will be valued at over three billion dollars by 2025. With such a lucrative market generating such high yields, we understand why more and more institutions are investing in it. Interactive online classroom apps offer a plethora of benefits not just to its investors, owners and teachers, but most importantly, to students.

Let us look into the ways you can boost student performance through online learning.

Retention and graduation rates are much higher with eLearning 

Research shows that online interactive classroom apps increase retention rates by twenty-five per cent to sixty per cent by creating the right e-learning environment. 

Higher retention and completion rates have been recorded among students in online learning courses because there are fewer metrics that could contribute to lower performance in coursework. Accessing a class on an electronic device at home could be easier than travelling to campus. The material is seemingly easier to digest at a comfortable pace, instead of being restricted to specific class times. Furthermore, the materials could be designed in a way to encourage deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Students prefer classroom apps and find them helpful

Most students around the world are being ushered into the e-learning space, and with pandemic restrictions, some students are left with no choice. The online space has grown exponentially, and the technology created to cater to this need has seen massive progress as well, with things like interactive classroom apps being a game-changer.

Forty-three per cent of college students found digital study technologies extremely helpful for doing homework and eighty-one per cent of these students agreed that digital learning technology improved their academic performance. 

Improved academic performance doesn’t just benefit students, it also helps your education centre. Better grades will boost your education centre’s credibility, reputation and enrollment rates.

Mobile compatibility gives students access anywhere, anytime

The technology divide used to be the biggest hurdle most schools and learning centres faced around the world. But with more affordable technology and online learning now adopting mobile-friendly formats, we have bridged this divide. So now students can access their content anywhere and anytime, even on their mobile devices.

Statistics on the e-learning market size in 2020 indicate that mobile learning remains one of the fastest-growing markets in the sector. It has maintained a steady year-on-year growth rate of over twenty-three per cent.

A plethora of resources are accessible in real-time

With online learning and classroom apps, you have access to a multitude of different material in real-time. This availability of resources ensures a deeper understanding of the subject matter to encapsulate different perspectives. 

While lectures and classes are in progress, you can compare the accuracy of the content, and information flow in real-time as well as pull up contrasting perspectives to develop a more holistic understanding of the argument. 

Collaborative learning increases critical thinking and active listening

Collaborative learning is based upon the principle that students can enrich their learning experiences by interacting with others and benefiting from one another’s strengths. In this unique classroom setting, students are responsible for one another’s actions and tasks which encourages teamwork as well. This approach has gained popularity over the years because it enhances critical thinking, communication skills, fosters responsibility, and encourages a deeper dive into course work. 

Online learning environments foster additional learning experiences where learners can interact, collaborate, and take ownership of their own learning. Interactive platforms allow students to come together in innovative, cutting-edge ways using modern technology for an optimal blended learning experience.

Are classroom apps the way forward? 

With all things considered, this blended method of learning which utilises classroom apps and interactive technologies is the way forward. To survive in this day and age, we need to adopt this approach sooner rather than later. Forty-nine per cent of students worldwide stated they had taken an online course in the last twelve months. But what is stopping you from joining the bandwagon?

New age technology, like online interactive classroom apps, will only catapult your organisation forward in terms of progress and innovation. These platforms would streamline your online experience and ensure your students can easily tap into your resources to improve their own performance.

Visit our website for more information on how you can boost overall student performance via cutting edge technology, like classroom apps.



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