How machine learning is driving online education platforms forward

How machine learning is driving online education platforms forward

Online education platforms are changing. As technology grows and evolves, virtual education will continue to get smarter and more sophisticated. Machine learning is one of the driving factors behind this growth. Many virtual education platforms are using smart analytics systems to augment learning. Machine learning, however, promises to refine certain processes to make it easier. 

The development of machine learning couldn’t have happened at a better time. As more students turn to online education, they will feel its limitations, at least, in its current form. Machine learning can upgrade the platform as well as enhance its capabilities. 

Let us take a deep dive into how machine learning can upgrade the platform.

Optimising online education platforms with machine learning

Before diving into its benefits to online education, it is worth addressing what machine learning is. Machine learning drives statistics to find patterns in large data volumes. It powers services in several applications and online education is no exception, examples include the prominent streaming application, Netflix. 

Teachers no longer have to worry about administrative busywork 

Online education platforms have streamlined distance learning by a significant margin. However, it has not got ridden of administrative work altogether.

Teachers are still beset with administrative tasks, like marking papers and filling out forms. Tasks that take time and energy from more important work, like guiding students. Machine learning can help resolve this problem. AI algorithms can remove much of the tedious administrative work that takes up a teacher’s time. Less time on administrative work, means teachers spend more time with students. 

Machine learning can answer student questions

While responding to learner questions is not possible, it promises to be a game-changer. Sometimes, students might need extra help with their course work. This could prove to be a problem if the tutor is overseeing a course with a lot of students because not everyone will have time to clarify their doubts. However, what if machine learning can fill the void? The technology can answer the questions students have on behalf of the teacher. This effectively removes the burden from teachers, and gives students the answers they want. However, for this to work, the algorithms need to have natural language processing (NLP) to answer student questions. 

Machine learning can dynamically match students with teachers 

Machine learning is applicable to several technologies. Some of these applications include analytics and dynamic scheduling. Dynamic scheduling can be a game-changer for online education platforms. The technology can match students who need help with teachers who have time. This can be a great resource for students struggling to schedule teaching time with their tutors.

Dynamic scheduling can reduce the administrative burden while also helping students. Those who are struggling can easily find a teacher who can help them address their doubts. Furthermore, they don’t have to wait for a long time to have their problems resolved. 

Adjust course delivery to match a student’s strengths 

While the human element of virtual learning is important, self-study is a huge part of using online education platforms. Machine learning can assist in this area as well. The technology can dynamically adjust the rate of delivery, depending on how well the student has understood the material. For example, if the student is not struggling, machine learning algorithms can speed up course delivery. Alternatively, the algorithms can slow down the rate of delivery, if the student is struggling. 

The ability to adjust the rate of learning on the spot can be a huge boon for most learners. They can take their time to learn and better understand the course material. 

Machine learning can change online education

Machine learning is paving the way for some exciting innovations in online education. As virtual education becomes the norm, we are going to see more people use the system. Technology will play a crucial role in optimising these platforms because machine learning can improve productivity and efficiency. However, machine learning will also transform the way we use online education platforms. As online learning becomes more prevalent, it is important to upgrade it with the latest technology. 

Furthermore, the new technology promises to spur development of new features and creative uses, which is exciting for the future of online education. 

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