Online learning platforms for schools – accessibility through lockdowns

Online learning platforms for schools - accessibility through lockdowns

There are more than 1.2 billion children in 186 countries affected by school closures because of the pandemic. The solution is to continue education using online learning platforms for schools!

By utilising easily accessible and available programs in the platform, institutions can help schools build a strong learning culture, increase retention numbers and achieve institutional goals, all while adhering to safety regulations and lockdown procedures.

How can your institution leverage the benefits of an online learning platform and manoeuvre through the lockdowns? 

Online learning platforms ensure accessibility and flexibility 

The biggest challenge of 2020 for students and schools is ensuring accessibility to education. With the power of online learning platforms for schools, your school can ensure limited disruption to coursework and the promise of being able to connect with students, wherever they may be. 

Online learning platforms for schools take education out of a confined classroom and offer the flexibility of on-demand and self-paced learning. If students can access learning resources and content training when they want, they will be more likely to successfully complete their training. Accessible and flexible online learning platforms should allow users to access learning on a variety of digital platforms, including tablets and mobile devices.

A kaleidoscope of accessible resources

With online learning platforms for schools, your students have access to different material in real-time. This availability of resources ensures a deeper understanding of the subject matter. 

While lectures and classes are in progress, you can compare the accuracy of the content, and flow of information in real-time. Furthermore, you can pull up contrasting perspectives to develop a more holistic understanding of the argument. 

The advantage of online learning is that it is available in different languages and delivery modes, making for easy integration into current processes, so that they can aggregate and deliver content, giving learners more options.

Interactive spaces 

Engaging learners in your online learning program is one of the keys to ensuring they learn effectively and get the most out of what they are doing.  One of the most effective ways to make learners more engaged in what they are doing is to make it more interactive. This approach allows users to interact with course content, instead of merely consuming it. By letting students actively participate in the learning process, they can help increase engagement and retention.

Research shows students are much better off with online learning platforms

Most students around the world are being ushered into the e-learning space and research shows that students are enjoying the overall experience. Forty-three per cent of college students found online learning technologies extremely helpful for doing homework and eighty-one percent of these students agreed that online learning platforms improved their academic performance. 

Further research shows that online interactive classroom apps increase retention rates by twenty-five per cent to sixty per cent with the right online learning platform for schools.

Higher completion rates have been recorded among students in online learning courses because there are fewer metrics that could contribute to lower performance in coursework. 

Accessing a class on an electronic device at home is more feasible than travelling to campus. The material is easier to digest at a comfortable pace because students are not restricted to specific class times. Furthermore, course material could be designed in a way to encourage deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Automating tedious processes 

Online learning platforms are not only beneficial to students but lend a helping hand to teachers by saving time. With this additional time, they are free to concentrate on what’s important, like curating an exceptional learning experience and building a meaningful relationship with their students.

By using online learning platforms, administrators can streamline tedious administrative operations like registration, attendance, and progress charts, giving your team more time to refine the learning experience. 

Online learning platforms for schools – The only way forward

With all these benefits, a school can revolutionise their approach towards learning and improve current structures to make them more adaptable to our current landscape. 

Online learning platforms for schools have helped cut down a schools’ cost. For every dollar invested in eLearning and online learning platforms, schools, institutions and companies make back $30 in productivity.
Visit our website for more information on how online learning platforms for schools aid in responding to the current challenges of accessibility and structural change during lockdowns.



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